It's a lockdown special y'all!!! As many (as in most of us) are staying in for the next few weeks or so, now is the perfect time to get in the kitchen and have some fun!

As all of my spring bookings and events have been cancelled I know I have more time to finally get around to making things I always say I am too busy for!


Plantbased Recipes from the V Spot Kitchen is a ebook filled with healthy, nutrious and of course delicious recipes using seasonal vegetables. It was written for the supporters of the crowdfunder campaign I ran at the end of 2019, but it was too good to collect dust on my dropbox, so here it is for you at a slight discount AND with a special bonus of a few of my favourite vegan chocolate based recipes! 


Please support if you can at this difficult time, it's been hard watching my business close over the last few weeks. But in all of the uncertainty and due diligence to beat this virus we still have to eat, so why not make it fun?!


wash you hands, eat your veggies and I can't wait for all the superclubs and parties when this is all over!


Plantbased Kitchen Recipes PLUS free mini dessert ebook!

  • All recipes were written and are property of Danae Dade (cookie&biscuit/The V Spot) Do not duplicate or share publicly without permission. 

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