Over the last 2 years I have had the pleasure of catering beautiful and nurturing wellness events and retreats. I am not just a chef, I am a culinary alchemist who infuses each dish with love, fresh ingredients and the intention to nourish the guests on a cellular level.  To guide them to eat intuitively so that they can absorb every ounce of positive energy in each bite. 

Savour //the retreat edit  will bring the retreat experience into your home, and into your daily life. With 30 recipes from breakfast to dinner, and snacks included, it's simple to taste the abundance of fresh plant based meals. 

Take the time to savour the food that fuels you. 


You will notice there isn't photos of every dish as I wanted the focus to be on you and the food you are going to create. I will be posting recipe videos on Facebook  so make sure you are following to see these recipes come to life! 




Savour//the retreat edit ebook

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  • All recipes are property of the author Danae Dade. No duplicates, copies or unauthorized file sharing without direct consent from the author. 


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